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Learn everything you need to know to make the IIoT a reality from this All-Star panel.

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is more than just a buzzword, it’s the future of the industrial marketplace. To discuss its current state, what challenges it faces, and its future opportunities, HARTING has assembled a panel of outside experts who will provide their own unique insights into the IIoT and guide the audience systematically through the intricacies of creating and deploying a successful IIoT solution.

The live panel discussion has been separated into 8 different parts:

  1. Overview of IIoT Panel Discussion
  2. Introduction of Panelists
  3. IIoT Architecture
  4. Hardware
  5. Software
  6. Systems Integration
  7. Domain Expertise
  8. Concluding Remarks and Audience Q&A

Overview of IoT Panel Discussion (IIoT Panel - 1 of 8)


Meet the experts and learn what they individually contribute to the IIoT.

The IIoT All-Star panel is comprised of experts with significant experience in academia, industrial research, industrial applications, and applications engineering.

Learn more about each expert from Dr. Vivek Dave by watching the "Introduction of the Panelists" video above.

Dr. Frank Brode – HARTING
Vice President of New Technologies

Dr. Vivek Dave – HARTING
Director of Technology Development

Professor Jeffrey Lang – MIT
Vitesse Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT

Aiden Mitchell – Arrow Electronics
Vice President – IoT Global Solutions

Christophe Begue – IBM
Director of Business Development – Global Electronics Industry

Nick Hassan – Texas Instruments
Director of Advanced Development Group


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