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HARTING <i>har</i>-flex<sup>®</sup> and <i>har</i>-flex<b>i</b>c<b>o</b>n<sup>®</sup>

HARTING har-flex® and har-flexicon®

    PCB connectors with a standardized connector design
    • Robust and miniaturized design
    • Economic PCB connectivity with fully automatic processability
    • Many pin counts available
    • Product diversity with different connector styles
    Benefit from the PCB connectors solutions from HARTING!

    har-flexicon® Steckverbinder


    HARTING har-flexicon® connector is the miniature SMD connector for the rapid connection of single wires and provides a perfect link between the periphery and PCBs in industrial devices. HARTING is thereby continuing along the path already taken with the har-flex® of rethinking and methodically optimizing device connectivity technology.

    NEW White PCB terminal blocks and connectors for LED applications

    For the connection of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) white PCB terminals blocks in pitch 2.54mm in the har-flexicon® series reduce disturbances caused by the formation of shadowing in the light fixtures.
    The SMD-capable terminals blocks are suitable for the usage on printed circuit boards with a metallic core, which are preferred used for optimal heat dissipation of high-power LED.

    1. IDC

    With the IDC termination, the 1.27 mm female connector is the smallest field assembly connector at the market.

    2. Push-in spring cage connection

    Fast and easy connection of stranded and solid conductors with/without ferrules without special tools.

    3. SMT hold-downs

    Additional SMT fixings guarantee a robust connection to the PCB. Insertion & withdrawal forces will be absorbed from solder contacts.

    4. Locking lever

    The active locking levers of the female connector ensure a reliable,
    shock and vibration proved connection.

    5. Automated processing features

    The use of reflow and SMD solderable components in automated mount and soldering processes simplifies and fastens the PCB assembly and decreases the production costs.

    har-flex® Steckverbinder


    With har-flex®, HARTING has developed a general-purpose PCB connector series for internal and external Device Connectivity. The continuous scalability by a huge range of pin counts, i.e. from 6 to 100, of the HARTING‘s har-flex® mezzanine connector series is a special feature forming an ideal basis for customized applications.

    NEW har-flex® THR types

    The new har-flex® THR types are tailored for applications, which are mechanically demanding. THR stands for Through Hole Reflow and describes the termination technology of the side-mounted hold-downs (solder pins). This makes them well suited for applications, which previously required larger connectors.  The connectors impress with the successful combination of robust Through Hole Termination and the advanced assembly features of SMD components (automatic assembly + reflow solderability).

    1. Flexible pin counts

    Available in all pin counts from 6 to 100, har-flex® offers highest flexibility in system design and supports the miniaturization of devices.

    2. Customized IDC cable assemblies

    har-flex® IDC cable assemblies are
    available in
    - all pin counts
    - all cable lengths
    - different directions of the connectors
    - with or without strain relief

    3. Robust SMT hold-downs

    Additional SMT fixings ensure a robust connection to the PCB and protect the signal contacts from mechanical stress. This increases the
    reliability of the overall system.

    4. IDC termination with locking lever and straight relief

    Active locking levers ensure a reliable, shock and vibration proved
    connection. Optional strain reliefes protect the IDC forks from mechanical stress.

    5. Automated processing features

    har-flex® PCB connectors can be processed by automatic surface
    mount assembly lines and reflow soldering. This simplifies and fastens the PCB assembly and reduces the production costs.