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Direct data processing on the machine – with the MICA computing system

HARTING IIC MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) makes it possible to temporarily save, evaluate and process data in the immediate vicinity of machinery and equipment. With its modular open platform, the HARTING IIC MICA can be customized with custom hardware, software and interfaces – to suit your individual requirements for Integrated Industry.



MICA is customizable and compatible

MICA is a modular platform made from open hardware and software components. Unlike single-board computers – such as the Raspberry Pi – this circuit board is divided into three parts. One of these parts can be customized. The form factor and degree of protection remain unchanged after hardware adjustments.

Software applications run in virtual, Linux-based containers (virtual machines) which contain all the necessary libraries and drivers for the respective application So there are no more problems with package dependencies and incompatibilities. 

MICA´s open source approach permits the user to choose the programming language and development environment.


MICA fits anywhere

With dimensions of 13 x 8 x 3.5 cm, MICA is extremely compact and fits on the DIN rail in the electrical cabinet. It can also be installed discreetly and directly at the machine or facility. To optimize network connectivity, the front bezel can be customized with the proper connectors to fit your application.

MICA is robust and maintenance-free

MICA is unshakeable. The system is designed for harsh industrial and railway environments. The MICA has no fan and is maintenance-free. It can be used in metallic environments and is resistant to dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations (IP67). Remote servicing for the MICA can be performed with a web browser.






MICA can multi-task

MICA features a powerful 1 GHz ARM processor, 1GB of RAM and 4 GB eMMC flash memory (additionally up to 32GB on a micro-SD card). HARTING's virtual industry computing technology enables multiple programs to run in parallel within virtual containers. The containers run in individual sandboxes; this isolates and secures the different components and applications from each other.

MICA is easy to use

The touch-optimized interface for end users and administrators is implemented entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript. It can be customized by developers without any special tools.

MICA reduces your costs

The one-time investment for MICA is significantly lower compared to complete industrial PCs. There are no licensing or leasing fees. The open development environment allows inexpensive prototyping and development, even for multiple projects. The power consumption for the base version is less than 5 watts.



Watch HARTING demonstrate the concept MICA: an edge computing device


Part 01: How to retrofit old machines for IIoT

See an example of how you can connect old machines to the IIoT using the HARTING MICA.


Part 02: How to Track Assets Using an IIoT Edge Computing Device  

See how the HARTING MICA can be used to manage assets. 


Part 03: How to Reduce Downtime Through IIoT and Predictive Maintenance

Learn how the HARTING MICA can prevent downtime through predictive maintenance.



Part 01: Demo: How to retrofit old machines for IIoT


Live data transmission of the processes on the demonstrator

energy management use case with MICA
Demonstrator’s schematic

Time to come into contact with MICA!

This demonstrator lets you interact online with a MICA and shows its typical usage as an edge device.

The setup here simulates a simple energy management use case by measuring the energy consumption of a consumer, in this case an ordinary lamp. The lamp is connected to one of the MICA’s digital outputs and can be switched on or off via the internet by means of the user interface below. Its actual energy consumption is monitored using an energy measuring device that is also connected to the MICA. The demonstrator’s logic is provided as a container running on the MICA and even the UI you are interacting with is rendered inside that MICA. You can have a real time look at the demonstrator located at our datacentre thanks to a web cam that - you might have guessed - is also controlled by the MICA.

The demonstrator nicely shows the holistic approach behind MICA, the seamless integration of more or less arbitrary sensors or actuators, and its versatility being used as an edge device. And now, try it yourself!

(Remark: For the sake of simplicity, concurrent access of multiple users is not prevented. Keep this in mind if you experience switching actions not initiated by yourself.)

MICA The fast easy way to connect to the Industrial Internet 20170627

MICA The fast easy way to connect to the Industrial Internet 20170627
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2095000000X00 MICA GB

2095000000X00 MICA GB
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MICA Euromap for Injection Molding Machinery 20170816

MICA Euromap for Injection Molding Machinery 20170816
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