HARTING Technology Group

Quality Control

Every custom assembly project is carefully planned, and each new product introduction is supervised by a team of experienced engineers and production operators. Process instruction sheets are compiled using step-by-step written and visual procedures to ensure continuity and quality of the build.

To maintain and improve assembler skills at the highest level, HIS retains an in-house staff of fully qualified IPC trainers. This part of our Continuous Improvement program is always looking for better ways to conduct operations, increase product performance, and ensure quality at the highest level. As a minimum, we make sure every aspect of your assembly meets the high standards of IPC 610, Class III.

In addition to having exceptional quality managers, HARTING Integrated Solutions fully complies to several bodies of standards including RoHS, ISO, AS9100C, ITAR.

Product Testing


HARTING is one of a select number of companies in the world with RoBAT testers. There is one in every HARTING Integrated Solutions facility. The RoBAT performs fully automated optical and electrical inspections on both sides of a completed backplane. It is used for backplanes with high component counts and large pin fields. Electrical tests check for opens, shorts, proper continuity, and measures parasitic capacitance, which could cause signal distortion. Optical inspection with a 3D coordinate measuring system makes sure components are properly located, pins are straight, checks leading/lagging pin configurations, and ensures connectors are properly keyed.

Versatile, interchangeable test head modules on HARTING’s automated RoBAT tester ensure full compatibility with different component and connector configurations. These images show some of the RoBAT’s electrical test heads.


The LINK testing is a lower cost option available for customers that want to balance quality with cost.

The LINX intelligent test stations verify mechanical integrity between individual boards and backplane connectors, and are also used to check custom cable assemblies. This extensive test area with its large number of LINX units ensures a continuous flow of zero-defect products to our customers at all times.