About HARTING Board Level Connectivity Products

HARTING's broad range of board level connector solutions make HARTING the ideal partner for PCB designers.  HARTING offers the largest range of DIN 41 612 connectors, including power, signal, and mixed varieties.  HARTING also offers a series of board to board and cable to board connector connectors.  The har-flex® range is based on a 1.27mm pitch and features the widest range of pin counts from 6-100, while the har-flexicon® is the miniature SMD connector for the rapid connection of single wires and provides a perfect link between the periphery and PCBs in industrial devices.  HARTING's range also include Hard Metric, mini coax, and TCA connectors

Hard Metric connectors har-bus® HM (2.00mm)

Hard metric connectors in 2 mm contact pitch based on IEC 61076-4-101 with press-in …


DIN 41 612 Connectors

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har-flex® Connectors

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      Rapid single wire connection of I/O signals to the PCB


Mini Coax Connectors

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TCA Connectors

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