Mini Coax Connectors

The Mini Coax allows multi-pole coaxial data transmission for board-to-board applications. At the same time, applications up to 2.5 GHz are open on the basis of 50 Ohm. Straight and angled contact inserts in press-in technology are available for device integration.

HARTING assembles Mini Coax connectors with the matching cable type according to customer specifications in order to guarantee top performance of the transmission lines. A special feature is the connector overmolding, which guarantees a top quality and robust connection between the cable and connector.

Mini Coax – Standard


The isolated coaxial lines are implemented in a plastic housing that defines the module size in a metric scale from 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50 SU*. The Mini Coax connectors are available as straight sockets and right angled plugs. Both types are executed in press-in technology for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) termination. The straight modules are delivered with an inserted plastic cap that protects the coaxial contacts against dust and dirt, as well as being used as an upper press-in tool. In this way, an easy and safe flat rock process is guaranteed.


  • Compact size
  • Excellent crosstalk features
  • Ideal for high end equipment


Mini Coax – Low Profile


The low-profile Mini Coax right angled board connector and matched cable assemblies have the same RF performance as the standard Mini Coax connectors.

The coaxial contacts of the connector are single line, as opposed to the standard connector. This delivers enhanced performance, especially in terms of isolation, and is also suitable for slim cabinet applications.


  • Slim interfaces to provide a board-to-cable solution for the slim cabinet (suitable for a minimum 15.2 mm slot width)

  • Mini Coax single-row available with even smaller slot width and higher frequency up to 4.5 GHz

Chapter 10 - Mini-Coax Connectors

Chapter 10 - Mini-Coax Connectors
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