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The right connection technology for automation must be flexibly expandable, robust and reliable. Connectors support the modular design of manufacturing lines, helping to shorten development times, to facilitate transportation, and to simplify installation and maintenance. The HARTING portfolio offers the right connection technology for nearly all automation applications.

Your problem is our challenge. No matter how big or small it is. With our industrial connectors, we also provide the secure transmission of data, signal and power, as well as our miniaturized solutions. Even light waves or compressed air always find the right connection with us.

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  • The small solution for big power

    Electric motors are the backbone of industrial drive technology. Without them, automated production processes are inconceivable. Powerful electrical drives are controlled via IGBT semiconductor elements connected to necessary insulation via Polymer Optical Fibre. This represents a sensitive and space-intensive solution. HARTING offers users the ability to go down new paths in IGBT control. Connect electrically – transmit optically. Miniaturised, of course.

  • Familiar Design with new features – the PushPull V4 Industrial

    In order to make locking the connector even more secure, the new version has an additional…

  • M12 with transformer – miniaturization in a demanding environment

    The footprint needed for components of an Ethernet interface must be reduced in size in order to meet the requirements imposed by miniaturisation. While the transmitters required for Ethernet have long been familiar in RJ45 jacks, HARTING presents a world-first innovation with an integrated transformer in the M12 format.

  • M12 Power L-coded - A new standard for miniaturised power supply

    Miniaturisation in automation can succeed only if it is consistently implemented across all areas of infrastructure. While field devices and controllers are contracting and downsizing, these devices’ hunger for energy is not necessarily shrinking in lockstep with this development. In addition to signals and data, HARTING is fielding the new M12 Power in L-coding in order to be able to provide sufficient power to the power core of smaller applications. The new M12 Power means that device manufacturers will be also be able to ensure power supply via miniaturised interfaces. With significantly smaller dimensions than previous 7/8” solutions, the connector takes its place among the ranks of new miniaturised connectors.

  • The intelligent stop point

    Intelligent stop points in the HAII4YOU Factory ensure that workpieces arrive precisely where they are needed by controlling their appropriate start and stop. They represent CPS within the meaning of Industrie 4.0 and permit the autonomous operation of product transfer systems. This distributed computing power can only be implemented in modularised, smaller form and networked by using innovative HARTING connectors for our customers.

  • Compact, powerful, standardised. M12 Power sets a new standard.

    In future, besides Ethernet, industry will increasingly require robust, high performance power connector solutions. HARTING’s new Power version of the M12 continues the success story at the company, which significantly contributed to the creation of the new IEC 61076-2-111 M12 power standard - the cornerstone of a new standardised device connection.

  • Industrial automation is becoming an integral part of IT

    Ethernet is considered the communications platform of the future, and will continue to gain significance as data rates rise. Already the key technology in industry today, it is used in almost every automation profile. HARTING supplies all the connection technology required.

  • Hybrid interfaces as a solution for Integrated Industry

    Hybrid interfaces have been used in IT for a long time. Everyone is familiar with the USB or Power over Ethernet standard through which end devices are supplied with data and energy. The Integrated Industry concept means that these requirements are also being made of industry. HARTING considers itself a pioneer in this area and is developing solutions to meet these requirements.

  • Installation technology with process safety

    preLink: high-performance connection technology that is equally suitable for industrial networking and IT network cabling.

  • IT cabling: Quo vadis?

    In the face of strong competition from wireless solutions, where is cabling headed? The answer: towards higher data rates and higher capacities for remote power supply.

  • Just pay without cash

    New contactless payment systems use SMD PCB connectors from the har-flex® and har-flexicon® series.

  • Industrial system cabling - the backbone of Integrated Industry

    HARTING offers a complete structured cabling system for data center, office and industry.

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