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PushPull Device Connectivity

HARTING PushPull connectors provide compact outdoor rated solutions for a safe shock-and-vibration-resistant connection.



What is the HARTING PushPull?


The HARTING PushPull is a connector series for power, signal, and data. 

The key technology for the PushPull connector is an internal locking mechanism that offers a robust and secure connection without the need for levers or twisting into place. This makes the connector extremely easy to connect and disconnect, especially in hard to reach places.  

An audible click verifies when the connection is made. Plastic hoods and housings are corrosion-resistant and approved for outdoor use. 



Benefits of the HARTING PushPull

  • Safe, fast, comfortable installation with audible feedback
  • Circular and rectangular options for every application
  • Reliable in every surrounding including outdoors
  • Connection/disconnection with one hand/no tools needed
  • Complete portfolio - Data, signal, power
  • High density/space-saving

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Circular and Rectangular PushPull


Boyce Technologies Uses PushPull in Help Points


In some applications, a single minute of downtime can be disastrous. This was the case for Boyce Technologies, that was commissioned by the New York City Transit Authority, to design and build help points. These help points are located in subway stations and provide access to emergency services. 

Learn how the PushPull helped Boyce Technologies prevent downtime, due to wiring issues, and ensure reliability in rugged environments. 

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Hardwiring vs. Connectorization

When comparing ways to bring power, signal, or data into an application – there are two choices, permanently hardwiring connections or using a connector. When weighing the two options, there are several considerations.

The first, and most important, is how frequently the application will be disconnected/reconnected. When hardwiring, each wire needs to be painstakingly removed and reconnected, resulting in substantial labor costs. If anything is miswired, it can take hours of troubleshooting.


Using a connector costs more upfront, but once made, it’s plug-and-play solution is impossible to miswire and does not require skilled labor. For many, the long-term benefits of using connectors significantly outweigh hardwiring.

Power, Signal, Data with HARTING PushPull
M12 PushPull Connector Solution

Form Factor: Circular and Rectangular


With connectors, there are two choices: circular or rectangular. Circular connectors are twisted into place, while rectangular connectors are locked into place with latching mechanisms on either the inside or outside of the connector.

Many times rectangular connectors are preferred. As circular connectors lock into place via twisting, additional space for a hand is required. Rectangular connectors can be placed right next to each other, allowing for a smaller end device.  

However, sometimes a circular connector is needed, especially when there is an application that is in a high-vibration environment, such as a train.  In this instance, a circular connector is preferred.  Now, M12 connectors are available with integrated PushPull technology that combine the benefits of the circular M12 with the ease of use and miniaturization offered by the rectangular PushPull. 

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Helpful Downloads

Push Pull Selection Guide v5

Push Pull Selection Guide v5
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Device Connectivity-Push Pull Flyer

Device Connectivity-Push Pull Flyer
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M12 PushPull Flyer

M12 PushPull Flyer
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