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Intelligence at the connection point - that is the idea behind Han-Smart®.  HARTING combines expertise in reliable connectivity with future-forward technology – in the footprint of the well-established Han-Modular® insert.

HARTING’s Han-Smart® approach is to develop solutions in conjunction with IIoT thought-leaders, with the goal of making them globally available.  Below are case studies of successes developed by HARTING.

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Han-Modular® Mini Switch Module

The Han-Modular® Mini Switch (US4) moves Ethernet switching capability into the connector. An advanced Ethernet and network switch in one, the Mini Switch facilitates the integration of additional Ethernet nodes to make expansion or retrofitting easier than ever. For example, upgrading a packaging machine by including another robot, drive, PLC, or sensor to the network within a space constraint cabinet is possible with the US4 - wherever there is a Han® connector installed. Up to four devices can be connected via RJ45 ports. The Mini Switch module supports Ethernet (10 Mbit/s), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s). It's Plug&Play compatible, with surge protection, and its integrated LEDs also provide quick and easy power and network diagnostics. Applications include: Machinery and Automation.


  • Termination method: 4 RJ45 ports – twisted pair
  • Maximum cable length: 100m twisted pair
  • Power Supply: 24VDC (110mA)
  • IP30
  • Store and Forward switching mode
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet: IEEE802.3az
  • Approvals/Conformity: CE
  • Over current protection

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1. Transmission: 10/100/1000 Mbit/s

Advantage: Capable of handling various data transmission speeds as needed

Benefit: Fast and Full Gigabit Ethernet Non-Blocking

2. Supports EtherNet/IP and PROFITNET

Advantage: Allows design freedom for customer

Benefit: Increases design-in probability by way of catering to larger pool of designs/applications

3. Diagnostic via LED

Advantage: Visual information for power connection, data transfer rate, connection (link), and data transfer (act)

Benefit: User friendly - no need to retrieve info from GUI 

Han-Modular® Surge Protection Module


1. Less wiring/circuitry effort for overvoltage protection in the cabinet

Advantage: Reduces design effort/expense and space

Benefit: Can utilize real estate in cabinet for other circuity

2. Overvoltage stops at the cabinet wall

Advantage: No crosstalk to other signals

Benefit: Minimizes quality and performance risk due to overvoltage and protects machine circuitry from damaging 

3. Integrates into Han-Modular platform and no initialization required

Advantage: Connect and protect simultaneously (plug and play)

Benefit: No expense or planning required for configuring parameters

Proper industrial surge protection often requires separate, external solutions that take up space and add labor cost to install. HARTING's new Han-Modular® Surge Protection Module moves that surge protection into the connector, simplifying wiring arrangements. Installation is fast and simple. It will generally be part of the initial connector setup. The Surge Protection Module protects up to two pairs of balanced signals interfaces with electrical isolation against normative 8/20μs current pulses. The preferred field of application for this module is for protecting analogue signal interfaces for 0/2-10V or 0/4-20mA. The surge energy (5kv Surge per line) is discharged via the earthed hinged frame of the Han-Modular® system. Applications include: Machinery & Robotics, Automation, Energy, and Transportation.


  • Transient overvoltage protection for analog and digital
  • Common mode and differential mode options available
  • Push in spring cage termination
  • IP20
  • Operating voltage: 24VDC/0.5A (max. 33VDC)
  • Discharge current: 5kA/line
  • Voltage protection level: 50VDC
  • Ground integrated into module

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ID Modules

Two Han-Smart® modules for insertion in Han-Modular® connectors - the ID Module and CAN ID Module - have memory capability for self-identification inside Han® and storing the revision status of drives and their parameters and other technical information. This helps ensure reliable operations, minimized downtime during setup or maintenance, and can even form part of a predictive maintenance program. In the case of modular machinery with pluggable drives, the ID Module communicates with the control system and can help it recognize reconnection errors before they damage the machinery. The CAN ID Module on a CAN Bus system enables the current configuration of the isochronous drives to be tested and the parameters transmitted to all other drives and the controller. The machine may only start if the drive is correctly configured. During servicing, drive configuration stored in the CAN ID module is available at the connector periphery, so individual machine elements can be swapped out or repaired faster, since work on a subsystem does not entail starting the entire machine. Applications include: Wind Energy, Machinery & Robotics, and Industrial Building Automation. 


  • NAND Flash memory with 10 MB storage
  • BUS communication protocol: CANopen
  • Write cycles: min 50,000
  • Termination: Cage-Clamp
  • LED status indication
  • Power Supply: 24VDC (18 – 30 VDC)
  • Open Source Architecture
  • Approval: CE, UL508, EN60950, CiA (CAN in Automation acc. to DS301, DS305)
  • Short Circuit and reverse voltage protection

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1. Clear identification for the machine resides within the connector

Advantage: No incorrect connection possible with stored data

Benefit: Information relayed to server will always be linked to the respective machine

2. Permanent data storage

Advantage: Allows customer to revisit latest information after years of service 

Benefit: No need to search for hard copies or electronic files on a server or computer for machine information 

3. No data loss in case of a device exchange

Advantage: No need to store machine history on servers/databases

Benefit: Audit and maintenance history per location is easily retrievable 

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