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 HARTING UL508A Certified Connectors 

  • UL Labeled PVVA Cable Assemblies
  • UL Recognized PVVA2 Components
  • First and only manufacturer to offer both listed and recognized options for uses in UL 508 applications


    An Industry First: Individual HARTING connectors eligible for
    UL 508-certified Control Cabinets

    HARTING has achieved a breakthrough that facilitates the use of connectors and connector-based cable assemblies in electrical control panels, switchgear and other control systems requiring UL 508 certification.
    More than two dozen HARTING connector configurations have passed rigorous safety testing by UL and been designated “UL-Recognized”, a newly created approval in the 2237 category. This approval was put in place by UL at the request of HARTING.

    HARTING is the only connector manufacturer with products that have earned this status and corresponding UL mark. Users gain access to all the benefits of Plug & Play connectorization in panel assembly, including massive cost and time savings during commissioning and maintenance compared to the alternative – hard-wired connections. 

    Fast track end product certification with UL approved HARTING connectors

    Until now, an OEM could not use individual connectors in a field-assembled, UL 508-certfied control cabinet unless it subjected the end product to extensive additional UL safety testing at its own expense, a time-consuming process that often delays bringing a new machine to market. Using UL-Recognized components from HARTING simplifies and fast tracks end product certification, providing specific conditions in the use of the connectors are followed. There is a UL-Recognized HARTING connector product for almost any control panel application. All are well-proven catalogue products, employed in a wide range of applications, including control cabinets certified to other international standards. HARTING will seek UL-Recognized status for many more of its connectors in the months and years to come.

    Additionally, HARTING will launch an extensive range of “UL-Listed”, pre-assembled standard cable assemblies made with UL-Recognized connectors. UL-Listed assemblies may be employed in UL 508-certified control cabinets without any additional testing or other conditions.

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